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Post Falls, Idaho

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Indoor & Outdoor Storage 
Boats, Motorhomes, Recreational Watercraft
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Gated & Secure Boat & RV Storage
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Boat & RV Storage Near Q'emlin Park in Post Falls
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Boat & RV Storage Near the Spokane River
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Onsite Owners - Friendly, Convenient & Affordable!
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Boat Launch Just 1/4 Mile Away!
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Secure Storage for Boats, Motorhomes, Recreational Watercraft
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Indoor or Outdoor Storage
Boats, Motorhomes, Recreational Watercraft
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Undercover Boat & RV Storage
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Indoor & Outdoor Storage 
Boats, Motorhomes, Recreational Watercraft
(208) 777-7747

Indoor & Outdoor Storage 
Boats, Motorhomes, Recreational Watercraft
(208) 777-7747

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We are a tidy little owner-operated business in Post Falls ID where we provide a lot of friendly personal service. Tami runs the business side, while Craig moves the boats & RVs to help you get in or out quickly!

Quiet and safe with security cameras and locked gates... our cameras even catch our local deer and moose visitors. (We also have two Shih Tzu dogs who like to act real tough!)


We love that we have many returning customers plus friendly visitors getting excited about summer who stop by to relax, chat and tell a joke or two.

We're always expanding and improving, so we're currently in the process of adding another motorhome storage building and we also hope to add a few RV hook-up spots for seasonal camping in the near future, right here across the river!


We're located in Post Falls, just across the Spokane Street Bridge and only 1/4 mile from Q'emlin City Park which has a great public boat launch with beaches with family picnic areas and many fun summer activities.

OTHER SERVICES: We can provide a company who will come on-site to shrink-wrap or detail your boat or rv.   Nearby is MacIntosh Boat & Repair who can also winterize your RV. 


We understand it's an extra expense for you to have to store your boat or rv, so we really do our best to keep our storage rates fair... even as our own costs go up!


Outside Storage
$2.50 per ft.
Inside Storage
$5.00 per ft.


Undercover Storage Benefits!

More than just pretty faces, this husband and wife team has been working together for more than 30 years so we really have it down!

We offer both long term and short term outside storage space your RVs, autos or other recreational equipment that you might need to store.

Undercover Boat & RV Storage facility is safe and secure with full fencing, video camera surveillance, security lighting and automated gate code access.

We are insured but we certainly hope you won't have any problems! We're generally available to help when you need help in the busy season but you will have the code and/or keys to get in any time.

We do not sell propane, or a sewer tank dump option.

We're here to help! (208) 777-7747

Our Customers Say We Go Above and Beyond!

Great people, great to work with and my boat will be back in their care this year!

Derek Colarusso

Great facility. Looked the place over top to bottom.

Customer Steve Wilson

Great facility, fantastic prices, awesome people, and secure storage! You can't ask for a better place to store your boat or trailer. Glad I called around & found this place.

Customer Kelly Nahoopii-Stroschein

This is a great storage facility. The owners go out of their way to be helpful. Tami & Craig are really good people; very caring & friendly.

Customer Mitch Grant

Under Cover Boat & RV Storage should be called 'Above and Beyond Boat & RV Storage' as Craig realling goes above and beyond helping get our boat up on the trailer, which was challenging because the boat motor wouldn't start! Nice folks.

Customer Barb Grant

What more would you like to know about Undercover Boat & RV Storage?

Just call and ask! (208) 777-7747

Owner - Craig Young

We'll move your boat or rv to just the right spot and get you in and out when you need to be having fun. Just because!

Owner - Tami Young

We'll set up your account and take good care of the items you store with us. (208) 777-7747